About Us & Our Services

Here is all about us, what we want to acheive and how we could help you make your future better.

About Us

Global Lanka International Consultants is an organization that creates a strong, genuine bond between students of Sri Lanka and universities abroad. Our goal is to enable Sri Lankan students to settle in universities successfully under great guidance through all bureaucratic and enrollment processes. We take all measures required to cater to you with educational opportunities to suit your interests in education and budget.

By working with Global Lanka International Consultants, all students will be able to obtain clear instructions on all visa processes. We focus on guiding you through all steps of the process to maximize the chance and quicken the process of obtaining your university acceptance and student visa.

At Global Lanka International, we not only make your dreams come true, we make your future better than your dreams.

1. Provide advice on completing freshman/sophomore level courses in Sri Lankan institutions

The guidance and consultation of taking transfer subjects / courses at higher educational institutions in Sri Lanka will be provided. This includes,

  • Confirming that the transfer subjects taken in Sri Lanka will be successfully transferred and accepted by the intended university.

  • Making sure that the students are actively participating in classes / courses that shall be taken in Sri Lanka as an incentive for easier visa processing and, as an encouragement for awarding of scholarships by the intended university.

  • To help you choose the right courses/subjects and protect you from false and misleading information.

2. Guidance to complete all required examinations such as SATS and IELTS.

We shall take responsibility of guiding you through the process of exams such as SAT, IELTS, TOEFL etc.

3. Guidance through all visa processes.

We will take utmost responsibility of advising and guiding you throughout the visa process. This does not include of our officials filling out the online visa application form and other related forms FOR you, scheduling visa interview appointments or accompanying you to the visa interview. Although, providing guidance through the process of these activities is guaranteed.

4. Conduct seminars with higher officials of the University for Students enrolled.

Arranging meetings with the university officials is one of our concerns. We believe, by doing this our students get the opportunity to learn more and to gain more confidence in the path they have taken. Even though, this event will not be mandatory due to the busy schedules of the university officials and high costs of accommodation and travel.

5. Assisting in obtaining appropriate documents and preparation for the visa interview

Global Lanka International Consultants shall take responsibility in all related paper work and legal work that is required in submitting the applications to the university. The i20 shall be shipped to your house/residence by Global Lanka International Consultants after all needed information has been processed successfully.

6. Arrange accommodation for the student in the US by the time of arrival

All accommodation including the bed, furniture (01 set of Chest of drawers) and bed linen will be arranged by Global Lanka International Consultants. (Costs will be borne by the student / applicant)

A FREE MEAL will be provided by Global Lanka International Consultants upon arrival of the student / applicant to the United States.

We, Global Lanka International Consultants, will take the responsibility of making sure the student / applicant receive transportation in order to buy his/her supplies such as a microwave, pots and pans, cutlery, and other necessary items. The University will look into these matters as well.

7. Provide transportation from airport to the place of accommodation.

Global Lanka International Consultants will take the responsibility of arranging transportation from the airport to the point of residence. (Cost of transportation will be borne by the student / applicant)